COVID 19 – SMC Reopening with strict Rules

To summarise:

  1. Bring own musala/prayer mat.
  2. Wear mask/face covering in prayer hall.
  3. Carry shoes in bag.
  4. No hand shaking /hugging.
  5. No wudu available in SMC. Cold tap outside in emergency.
  6. Fard prayers only.
  7. Follow one way system.
  8. No access to kitchen.
  9. No use of SMC Qurans or other material. Masjid closed in between prayers.


  1. Two short Jumuah prayers. 1:30 and 2pm. Fard only. Follow one way system.
  2. Temperature taken before entry. No admittance if too high.
  3. No sisters or young children until further notice.

It is each person’s responsibility to abide by the above conditions to safeguard us all and follow government expectations. Jzk. Allah bless and protect us all.