Parking SMC notice

Salam brothers and sisters,

We have had a very strong complaint from the Landlord Managing Agents of the local homes and businesses surrounding SMC. Some brothers/sisters are parking in the private car park behind SMC and this is causing distress and annoyance to the local people. This is definitely not a time at which we Muslims want to annoy any of our neighbours. Please ensure that we have the correct Islamic manners to not park, even for a short time, behind the Prayer Centre. If we don’t stop legal action may be taken by the Landlord Agency against you.

For the same reason please do not park in Sainsbury’s or the local pub car park. It just antagonises people.

There is a huge amount of parking available outside office hours by Shirehall and the Courts and also along London Road and Preston Street.

Jazakallahkhair to you for supporting the interests of Shrewsbury Muslim Centre.

SMC Committee