Raising money for charity is a key component of being a Muslim. As such, in addition to individual donations as a Prayer Centre we have raised collectively for a number of charities, development organisations and issues including Gaza, Iqra (providing educational books for deprived children), housing for the poor and money to support the building of a cancer hospital in Bangladesh. We have a rota by which organisations collecting donations for charitable causes may appeal. Please contact the Prayer Centre with any requests.
Among the visitors to the Prayer Centre have been West Mercia Police, our local Member of Parliament and Councillors, Shrewsbury Interfaith Group, Shropshire Football Association and our first workshops for visiting primary schools have been set up.
There has been a Sisters’ Tajweed class and a number of ‘get-togethers’ organised by ladies and children which have been very successful on social and educational levels.
The children’s madrasa has been running successfully for a number of months to teach school-aged children correct recitation of The Holy Qur’an and also to build their knowledge of Islam. The Imam has been DRB checked. For further information please contact Shrewsbury Prayer Centre.
Regarding the education of adults too, we have held a number of meetings and talks with Islamic scholars based in the United Kingdom. We hope to organise more such meetings, including scholars from overseas too, insha’allah.