New Zealand tragedy

We at Shrewsbury Muslim Centre would like to express our shock and sorrow at the horrific events in New Zealand.  Such a senseless, almost inexplicable act of hatred of fellow human beings by anyone is terrible. For it to be magnified and targeted on such a scale is almost beyond belief. Our thoughts and prayers and deep, deep sadness lie with the victims, their friends and families. Our gratitude, and our hope, lies in the wave of support and grief from ordinary people in New Zealand and around the world, replicated in Shrewsbury where we have received flowers, cards letters and visits showing solidarity, shared sadness and a determination to state that such events were not carried out in the name of ordinary people, or the majority, and must not happen again, to anyone, anywhere. We are particularly grateful to have received cards, biscuits and visits from ex-New Zealanders, now living in Shropshire and Wales. May God bless and reward you all. May we all, together, build  society of tolerance respect and love in which every single person is valued.