Ramadan News at Shrewsbury Muslim Centre

Insha’allah Qur’an khatom (the recitation of the entire Qur’an during Tarawih prayers) is due to finish on the night of Thursday 30.06.16.

Eid will be Wednesday 6th June unless the moon is sighted before that. Please watch this space for further information.

In addition, Tahajjud prayers will take place every night from tonight (Saturday 25th June) for the remainder of Ramadan, beginning at 1:30am. Men, women, children all welcome.
Please make every effort to increase your ibadah during the last ten days of this beautiful month.

Anyone wishing to perform ithikhaf, i.e. stay in the Prayer Centre during the last 10 days please arrange this with a member of the committee or email us at the website address.